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History Of The Evicted MCC



The Evicted was originally called the Boathouse MCC, and was formed at a Chester inn called…yep you guessed it…the Boathouse on Monday 27th October 1980 by Les Dillon. This also happened to be the day he got married to his first wife Gill, (is it no wonder the marriage only lasted 18 months), thankfully the bike club lasted a lot longer

This pub was a popular biker's hangout, and was packed with bikers every night of the week, and since Les worked at the boathouse and had been a member of the then disbanded ‘Cheshire Albion MCC’ the landlord (John Bell) suggested that he should form a new club. The interest was fantastic and there were 76 initial members. The committee selected on the first night (Les & Gill’s honeymoon) were Keith Capper (Chairman), Tom Flood (Treasurer), Les Dillon (Secretary). & Keith Roberts & Mike Needham as committee members. Mike and Les, due to their commitment and workload over many years, became honorary lifetime members. With both still being active members today (although Les did take a 6 year sabbatical in the mid nineties), with Mike occupying one of the major committee positions in time to help lead the club into its transformation into the ‘Evicted’. Of the original committee only Les & Mike remain.

Our first official run out was to Rivington Barn Nr Chorley…. 26 bikes turned up, from 100cc to 750cc…and it was bedlam. As anyone who's ridden in a convoy knows, 26 bikes can cover quite an area. But with such a difference in size of bikes it took a lot of herding to keep us all together (I'm sure we lost a few on the way out). Anyway it was a great day out…and then we had the thrash back, which to this day remains an Evicted tradition…the last one back is a tart.
We remained in the Boathouse for nearly two years, until the landlord decided he would like a change of clientele, and proceeded to kick all bikers out, and tart the place up for the Lar'dy Dar’s… Will these landlords never learn?

A few years later a new landlord took over and tried to encourage the biker's back but it was never the same.
So there we were…. Publess…. And so the search began to find another venue within Chester. The Lock Vaults came to the rescue. But what do we do about our name? We thought, if we named ourselves after the pub again, Lock Vaults MCC, and got kicked out again, we could end up changing our name every couple of years; and so, The Evicted was born. Just as well! We moved to the Cestrian and then the Railway Inn. Also, The White Lion (which is now derelict…. nothing to do with us of course) and then The Griffin, just outside Rossett (The first move out of Chester). After that came The Nags Head, just off the Wrexham industrial Estate, and our nomadic search for our very own HQ has now settled at the ‘New Inn, Pontblyddyn, Nr Mold, North Wales. So it turns out the name Evicted was a good choice.
The Railway Inn was a good location; we had a room above the bar. We were there for many years. We organized inter club competitions with the Sticky Bears MCC and the Wheelwrights MCC. We played darts, pool and 5 a-side football (during the cold, wet winter months) not that they were any competition for the Evicted…. Ha!
After doing a few rallies in our early years, we were pressed in to holding our own by the organizers of the smaller "invite only" rallies. And so we organized our own, and with a name like the Evicted, we had to call it "The Flying Boot". The first Flying Boot Rally was held at the Railway Inn at Marshbrook, in October 1982. It was invite only because the pub could only hold about 150. About 230 turned up…mayhem ensued. It didn't help when we got about 40 members from the Manchester 282 and 30 members from the Empress MCC. They weren't bitter rivals, but all the Saturday afternoon silly games like the tug-of-war, and boot throwing always seemed to be the 282 against the Empress. At the end of the day, everyone had a good time and there was no trouble, but we kept a closer eye on numbers in future.
The Flying Boot Rally was like a roller coaster ride. At first, it was a major success, but even then we knew it couldn't last forever. So on the 5th Flying Boot, we had the border of the badges in bronze, with the intention of silver for 10 years and gold for the 15th and final rally. Good call. After a few club membership problems, and changes in committee members, we had a few quiet rallies. But we came good in the end, and the last 3 rallies went down a storm. So much so that friends ever since have been trying to talk us into holding another Flying Boot. It was a nice touch, when, at our final 15th Flying Boot, Brett from Scotland (who won the most coveted trophy for the week-end…The Order Of The Boot….) got up on stage and thanked everyone in the Evicted for arranging The Flying Boot and wanted us to continue. Sadly, all things must come to an end. Or must they? The ‘Flying Boot’ was revisited after a few years absence with an ‘at the time’ one off charity rally that has now continued for a further two years (2004/2005) so watch this space as they say.

The club still meets every Monday night (Wives, Children, & Pocket Money permitting) so come and see us, just be aware of buying the legendary 3rd drinks round.