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Hi there, and welcome to Leigh & Jane's page

We've been with the Evicted since '92 and we're into touring, rallies, back lane ridin' and all the other things that our big trailies are so good at. We've got a '99 Honda Africa and a '00 (but '99 spec) Honda Transalp. We've had Transalps since '92 along with a VFR750, and a ZX9R which just had to go when we took a shine to the Africa. Although we enjoyed owning the sporty fours we don't miss the performance and the day-to-day usability of the trail bikes more than makes up for the relatively low power output, and we actually find them more fun to ride than the more intense sports bikes. We take a 2 week break on the bikes most years and tend to tour France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium etc. with the odd blast to Portugal or Eastern Europe if we're feeling like a change. We generally use hotels for overnight stops but tend to camp once we stop for a few days, or if we're feeling lazy we'll hire a gite or chalet. Camping is great but blastin' across Europe without a ton of camping gear weighing the bikes down makes a nice change.
We're also in the Big Trailbike Club and ride out with them as often as we can.

For some more info on Africas and Transalps try:-

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Leigh's new Triumph 

Leigh's new hobby

The Moon


Apparently looking at the stars for long periods of time can have strange side effects.  Or maybe aliens abducted Leigh one dark & starry night and did things too him that affected his mind.

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To see more of Leigh's hobby follow the link http://www.cathouse9.freeserve.co.uk/Home.htm