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Arbon Switzerland

 The journey to the Motocamp

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Day one Tue. 28.07.2009. At the channel tunnel

First night stop after 416 miles. Fasthotel Reims-Taissy.  Set off at 08:30hrs from Keelby, Lincs., arrived at the hotel 18:00hrs French time.

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Near St. Claude at the start of the Col. de la Faucille

The view from the Col. de la Faucille over looking lake Geneve (Lac Leman)

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Second night stop Wed. 29.07.2009, at Fasthotel Albertville.  Distance covered about 400miles.

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A brief stop on the D925 / D902 to take pictures of Lac de Roseland.

Lac de Roseland

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Lac du Chevril on the D902, north of Val d' Isère.

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My GS at the top of the Col de L'Iseran

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After crossing the Col de L'Iseran I continued along the D902 to Lanslebourg-Mont-Cenis and took the N6 west, turning south on the D902 to cross over the Col. du Tèlégraphe followed by the Col. du Galibier.

At the top of the Col. du Lautaret I turned left to follow the N91 south east to Briancon.

I had taken up a lot of time stopping to take pictures and video. It was getting late so I carried on south on the N94 & stopped at a campsite near Guillestre, where I stayed for 2 nights. (Thur. & Friday 30 & 31.07.2009)

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Place Forte de Mont-Dauphin situated at the confluence of the Durance & Guil rivers.  

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On Fri. 31.07.2009 I rode south from Guillestre on the D902 and crossed the Col. de Vars before stopping for a break in Barcelonnette.


My GS on the Col de la Bonette.

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Looking back at the road as it snakes down the side of the Bonette

View from the Col de la Bonette.

I followed the D2205 south until it joined the N202.

I followed the N202 west hoping to find petrol, fortunately there was petrol in Entrevaux.  I managed to fit 19litres in a 20litre fuel tank!  I turned north on the D908 at Rochers and headed for Annot, Méailles and Colmars.


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D908 at Méailles

I followed the D908 north to Colmars and crossed over the Col d'Allos and turned west on the D900 at Barcelonnette, returning to the campsite at Guillestre via Lac de Serre-Ponçon.


Sat 1st August I left the campsite and headed north to Briancon.  I crossed the boarder into Italy and traveled to Lake Maggiore via Torino using the A4 & A26.

Lake Maggiore at Stressa

I managed to get a space at camping orchidea, Baveno.

This was the campsite used by the Evicted in 1986 when I went on my first holiday abroad on a motorcycle.  The only pitch available was a raised caravan pitch.  When the thunderstorm struck in the night with torrential rain I was thankful it was raised.

The 'swamp' where we camped in 1986.  The trees have grown a bit over the last 23 years.

This is a very popular campsite and difficult to get on in the high season

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